Thursday, April 30, 2015

Four more Mondays.. Can we make it?!

        One month left to go!! Although it is only a month, students are getting an overwhelming amount of work to get ready for the EOC's and AP tests. Sometimes it's hard to be a freshman at a brand new school, with 100 times more work than at the middle school and being with brand new people in all of your classes. Teachers are much more strict in High School, turning work in late is no longer acceptable. Even if you did turn in your work but forgot to put your name of date, it will not be accepted.
        Other than being at school, the weekends are much more fun now knowing so many people. School is ten months and summer is two, but sometimes (well... All the time) I just stay wishing that school is two months and summer is ten. Now it's time to figure out what to do over the summer... Community service, staying in touch with friends, hanging out with family. Everything sounded great until I found out I had to do an online course over the summer. Other than that, summer is a time to relax and have fun. Volunteering at a camp this summer, going to sleep away camp and hanging out at home sounds perfect right now and all the time. Four more Monday's left and we're done!!!


  1. I was already excited for summer, but now realizing we only have 4 mondays to go makes it 10x more exhilarating

  2. This blog makes me even more excited for summer. This blog is a spirt booster.