Tuesday, April 7, 2015

            After freaking out about the first day of High School since eighth grade, freshman year is finally coming to an end. Thinking back at all the time wasted, stressing out about what school would be like this year, I realized High School is no big deal and almost the same as Middle School. Staying at Palmetto since Elementary school has been nice since I've been with the same people and have stayed very close to my house. From starting school at 9:10 to starting school at 7:20, my sleep schedule has been off. Although I can barely keep my eyes open in the morning, I finish at 2:20 instead of 3:50 which is definitely a plus. High School has much more school spirit and school events than the Middle School. From pep rally's to Mr. Panther, Palmetto never fails to keep the students entertained. With all of the clubs and sports the students are able to join, there is no reason that a student can't find something they enjoy doing. There is always so much going on in and out of Palmetto High.
              Starting this year, every grade counts. No matter what we are doing, as soon as the grade goes into the grade book it changes the GPA. Keeping my GPA to the best it can possibly be is definitely hard. Knowing that my future depends on what I do now, in high school, is what makes me do all my work and extra credit at the best I can do.

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