Thursday, April 23, 2015

stop FSA testing for happier students (and teachers)

        "FSA is cancelled, students will be heading back to the classroom," FSA testing has been getting canceled and delayed for a number of days now. The air conditioning system that was reinstalled the weekend before testing started, apparently had broken the system. With english testing, not too much has been going on in my English class. Parents and teachers are getting stressed that students are just sitting in front of a computer dong nothing for two hours. Yesterday, testing went on all day and worked. Now that english testing is almost over; we have math, science, and history EOC's coming up. AP exams are coming up with mock exams being given.
        After all this testing is over, we can finally count down the days until summer. Teachers will be nicer and classes will be easier. 29 school days left starting today with only 5 more Mondays. Early releases and teacher work days are coming up with student vacation days too. Seniors only have a few weeks left and teachers may be more excited than the students… kinda.

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  1. Mica, I love how its straight to the point and simple. I completely agree with your statements. thanks for this