Thursday, May 14, 2015


        Recently, Palmetto has been all fights. I guess since the year is winding down, students have felt as if it's okay to do these things but it's really not. Two people got a concussion during the fight and got picked up by an ambulance. It's not only physical fights, there has also been twitter fights that have led to real fights. Maybe it's funny or entertaining to some students but it will not solve ANYTHING! Clearly it hasn't fixed anything but hopefully those were the end of all the fights.
        It's really crazy how all of these things are happening in such a nice neighborhood for such stupid reasons. The students didn't get in trouble since it wasn't in school property. When the police showed up to the fight, they just told the people to go home. They did show up at one persons house that said they were going to bring a gun to school. Palmetto is a great school with great students and great teachers but sometimes the only thing that people hear about is the bad things that happen to the school. People don't ever seem to hear about the good things that are happening like the students who have been getting accepted to some of the best schools in the country from Palmetto. I guess it is what it is, but with only three weeks left students should be happy instead of starting all these fights!!

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